Main Conference Day One: Wednesday, 25 March 2020

7:30 am - 8:10 am Registration and Coffee

Grab a cup of joe and then head on over to our Challenge Board located near the registration desk. Write down your greatest challenge which will be addressed later that day during our Challenge-Based Lunch.

8:10 am - 8:20 am Chairperson's Opening Remarks

8:20 am - 8:30 am Short Burst of Mindfulness – Build Awareness

JACQUELYN FLETCHER JOHNSON - Founder & CEO, Heartwood Healing
Awareness is the gateway to reducing stress, boosting resilience and increasing joy at work and in life. Participants will engage in a playful mindfulness experience to help them relax, connect and ready themselves for the days ahead. Attendees will be given a mindfulness challenge to attempt throughout the entire conference.



Founder & CEO
Heartwood Healing

Today’s L&D organization faces unprecedented challenges & opportunities. Scarcer economic resources, new business demands related to competing on analytics & successfully applying advancing technology are driving L&D to rethink its role & how to add maximum value.

As responsibilities evolve, so too must the L&D organization itself. New demands require profoundly different ways of operating: new organizational structures, processes, management systems & jobs.

“Spend a few hours” with Jim Champy, Chairman Emeritus of Consulting at Dell Services; Former Chairman of Consulting at Perot Systems; and author of Reengineering the Corporation–a 2 million copy best-seller.

His views on making knowledge work & knowledge workers more productive have tutored not just companies but government agencies & nations. Get eyeopening advice on how L&D organizations can meet these new demands. You owe it to yourself, your organization & your career to learn what must be done to avoid embarrassing non-results.

Get straightforward insights on:
  • THE CHALLENGE AHEAD: What L&D actions must be taken today to prepare your organization for the power of disruption & groundbreaking new technologies?
  • THE EXECUTIVE BENCH: Why the ultimate measure of L&D’s success is the depth of the organization’s executive bench–and why many L&D organizations fail in building leadership at the top.
  • STRATEGY EXECUTION CAPABILITIES: How does L&D effectively identify, disseminate & convert the organization’s strategy into company-wide strategysupportive training?
  • RETHINKING ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN: The current structure of many organizations inhibits the changes needed to address the challenges ahead & requires input of L&D in helping align the firm’s organizational structure with its strategy.
  • DESIGNING CAREER PRODUCTS FOR ATTRACTING & KEEPING NEW WORKFORCE ENTRIES: Today’s career professionals want opportunity, challenge & growth–demanding organizations build continuous learning into the job and into the organization to deliver on what’s promised.