2017 Corporate Learning Week Presentations

Curious to see what happened in 2017 at Corporate Learning Week? Take a look at these past presentations from our 2017 Speaker Faculty:

The Forgotten Fundamental of Human Performance: Managing Attention in the Age of Overwhelm and Distraction

In an information-intensive economy, more than ever we use our minds to make a living. At the same time, we are faced with unprecedented challenges and a need to develop leadership capacity faster than ever. However, we have also cultivated an environment that undermines the fundamental quality needed to productively engage with the demands coming at us: the basic ability to focus attention. Presented By:
Jeremy Hunter, Founding Director, EXECUTIVE MIND LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE, Creator, “The Executive Mind” at Drucker School of Management, CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY


Architecting an Agile L&D Environment

Four key pillars of strategic talent development goals — personalized, engaging, accessible and impactful — drive learning effectiveness at Nationwide, to support organizational agility through a responsive and flexible L&D environment. They have put their strategy into action through seven key actions ranging from customer-eccentric L&D programs to l&D analytics, supported by their unique approach to learning architecture. Key Takeaways:

  • How Nationwide brought their agile corporate learning strategy into action, guiding all activities related to learning
  • Seven areas of learning practice that reflect the overarching corporate strategy and how each was accomplished
  • Focus on how learning systems and learning standards have moved the strategy into practice


Big Leadership Impact Without the Big Learning Budget
Al Cornish, Chief Learning Officer/System Vice President, Learning & Development, NORTON HEALTHCARE

Many organizations have very small training budgets but still are expected to deliver “BIG” results. This session focuses on how to develop a focused and impactful leadership development program that changes behaviors and provides the “BIG” results on a small budget. Key Takeaways:

  • Developing a targeted leadership development program that drives participant performance and business results
  • Insight on how Norton University developed targeted leadership development programs for its 4,000+ leaders that drives participant performance and business results
  • Communicating results to organizational decision makers in a manner that gets their attention!


Mastering Your Content Ecosystem with LCMS and xAPI
Jennifer Rogers, Global Content Development Executive, Contributor to Training Industry & 2015 CUBIC Award Honoree

Is your learning content working to improve employee and business performance? LCMS can be used to create content that can be used and reused in any curriculum, format or device, designing their enterprise learning strategy around scalable learning assets. This session will provide insight into using an LCMS to know which content is getting used and by whom, whether it’s effective, and can deliver mobile and micro learning to meet employee demand. Key Takeaways:

  • How LCMS can provide the ability to increase the velocity of content development, at a lower cost and with more effectiveness
  • Gain an understanding into which content your learners are accessing, and the specific measures used to determine the content’s success
  • Employing LCMS with xAPI to deliver relevant content connected to on-the-job performance metrics


Creating a Partnering Culture at Equifax
Jane Shirley, SVP Strategic Alliances, Equifax

Jane Shirley, SVP Strategic Alliances, Equifax shares how Corporate Learning Leaders at Equifax cultivated their winning One Alliance culture.


International Ethics and Compliance Training Simplified
Jennifer Buchanan, Senior Director, International Ethics and Compliance Training & Awareness, WALMART INTERNATIONAL

Join us for a journey across Walmart International’s 28 countries, 800,000 International associates and more than 6,000 stores to identify solutions for implementing effective Ethics and Compliance training. Through actionable, step-by-step guidance we will learn to navigate complexities posed by working across geographies in an evolving marketplace.


Driving Results through Upfront Goal Setting and Outcome Measurement
David Vance, President, CENTER FOR TALENT REPORTING; Founding &Former President of Caterpillar University

A hallmark of a high impact learning organization is its ability to tie key training results to organizational goals. To be a true strategic business partner, L&D must first align discretionary learning to key business goals, manage the programs to those objectives and ensure the planned results are achieved; which often depends on factors beyond L&D’s direct control.


Leadership Certifications for a 2020 Workplace
Stacy Henry, Head of Enterprise Learning & Leadership Development, Bridgestone

Bridgestone, MTSU & the Military Academies


Mastering Change Management & Values-Based Leadership to Thrive in Complex Times

The pace of change is pushing the limits of even the most nimble organizations, and exposing reliance on outdated leadership models and deficient tools. In today’s complex global environment, we need a new paradigm for thinking about organizational transformation and practical tools we can use to coach ourselves and our teams.