Corporate Learning Week

March 23 - 26, 2020 | Austin,TX

2015 Corporate Learning Week Presentations

Curious to see what happened in 2015 at Corporate Learning Week? Take a look at these past presentations from our 2015 Speaker Faculty:

Welcome to the Future of Learning: Leading with Strategic Thinking
Aaron Olson, Chief Talent Officer, Aon plc

Aaron Olson, Chief Talent Officer at Aon plc, discusses the compelling link between leadership practice and business results, the clear implications of disruption, and strategic thinking makes leaders more effective. Also examples provided on what it means to lead strategically, how to thrive in the midst of disruptive change and more!


Maintaining Our Edge
DAU Director, Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy Director at Defense Acquisition University speaks about the future of learning at DAU using new tools, DAU maintaining there edge, and the acquisition learning model. As well as looking forward at foundational, workflow and performance learning. Chris also shows results from there trainings effectiveness, and there use of learning analytics.


Leader as Coach: Embracing a culture of coaching
Daniel Kurber, Head of Learning and Organizational Development, Moxie Public Relations

Daniel Kurber, Head of Learning and Organizational Development at Moxie Public Relations goes over a coach versus mentor, the benefits of each, and touching on the roles of frontline management. He also discusses what mindset has to do with coaching, learning objectives, behavior, and the power of listening.


Transforming the First 90 Days to Reimagine Performance Development
Don Yager, Director, Learning & Development, Intuit, Inc.

Director of Learning & Development at Intuit Inc., Don Yager, presents on challenges such as curriculum for care agents primarily instructor-led, and learner experience primarily lecture and watching. Also what happens underperforming agents, the future state of L&D, root cause analysis, the E2E performance-based training model, and the importance of re-engineering.


Learning Transformation The View is Worth the Climb
Edward Trolley SVP, Consulting and Advisory Services, NIIT

Edward Trolley SVP, Consulting and Advisory Services at NIIT, speaks about what the business imperative for transformation is, a transformation framework, a set of must do’s, and why it is important to transform.


The Next Generation Corp U: Mobile, Social and Data-Driven
Kate Hyatt, SVP HR and Chief People Officer, Healthgrades

Kate Hyatt, SVP HR and Chief People Officer at Healthgrades introduces a case study on ProBuild a lumber and building supplies company. She discusses business challenges and opportunities, and the different solutions given to address these challenges.


Data Driven: Leveraging Analytics to Drive Extraordinary Results
Manette Chadwick, Vice President, COO, Global Learning, SAP

Vice President and COO of Global Learning at SAP, Manette Chadwick, discusses a data driven L&D strategy, data driven employee coaching, and why all of this really matters.


Putting Learning First
Sarah Azizi, Business Development & Partnerships, Degreed

Sarah Azizi, Business Development & Partnerships at Degreed, speaks about how to stop struggling to connect L&D to learners, starting to put learners first, rewire L&D for learner-centric learning, and more!


Cultivating Learning Innovation: Evolving Your Platforms & Strategy to Solve Real L&D Needs
Wendy Wright Zeller, Director, Learning Innovation & Strategy, H&R Block

H&R Blocks Director of Learning Innovation & Strategy, Wendy Wright Zeller, presents on Lessons from their “Innovation Evolution,” the four core innovation principles such as; Design with the end in mind, Innovation (necessarily equals) technology, know your stakeholders, and solving for the business problem. She also discusses the five keys to sustaining an innovation culture.