Download the 2020 CLO Virtual Exchange Agenda

Download the 2020 CLO Virtual Exchange Agenda

Join us for our one day Virtual CLO Exchange July 22nd, 2020!

Learning and development is at the forefront of many companies response to the COVID Crisis, whether it is helping employees adjust to their new remote working environments, providing them with training on new virtual environments, and helping provide the support that employees will need to stay resilient during this disruption. 

During the Virtual CLO Exchange in July, we will explore all of those challenges and more with our guest faculty from Bloomberg, JPMorgan Chase, Merk and other companies, as they discuss how they are reskilling their employees in a rapidly changing remote environment. 

Key Topics Include:

  • Leadership Development in a Virtual Environment 
  • Creating an Inclusive Company Culture
  • Addressing Skill Gaps 
  • Modernizing the Learning & Development Experience 
  • Adaptable & Agile Training

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