Sandra Wichman

Sandra Wichman has worked in domestic and international corporate organizations for well over 18  years as a consultant and leader. She served the American Red Cross as the Senior Director of Human Resources.

Wichman has a graduate degree in management from St. Thomas University, Florida, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin. Wichman is a certified AchieveGlobal leadership facilitator and Master Trainer and a graduate of the Center for Creative Leadership, and understands the power of leadership at the C-suite and front-line levels. Executives, managers, supervisors and administrators that share the language and behaviors of leaders accomplish amazing results for their organizations.

Most recently Wichman managed the design, training delivery and installation of a performance management system for a growing-at-the-speed-of-light biotechnology firm located in Los Angeles, CA. She has designed and delivered classroom and eLearning modules in leadership, performance management, safety, finance, compensation administration, organization orientation, communication skills and a host of other training for workplace growth needs.

Wichman incorporates creative and results-driven venues, like executive scavenger hunts and experiential learning to help smart people discover their strengths, limitations and opportunities to grow. She facilitates strategic planning for organizations in the throes of change, expansion or having to do more of some things and less of another in order to meet the goals of their business.