Corporate Learning Week 2021

Many L&D organizations are learning from unexpected failures during the painful process of transforming to meet today's new realities. However, it's much better and far less expensive to learn from studying success. Discover the specific leadership/management content and digital disruption tools/strategies now required to prepare organizational leaders for thriving & surviving in today's turbulent business environment.

Corporate Learning Week 2021 - Lessons from America's Best-Run L&D Organizations is organized around three Peter F. Drucker-inspired questions – namely: (1) making the present L&D organization more effective; (2) identifying & realizing high yield training/learning project/activities and; (3) making the L&D organization into a different organization for a different future. Each task has a distinct approach & asks different questions – but they are inseparable in terms of defining the job of L&D executives in an era of uncertainty & instability.

This content hub is dedicated to articles, infographics and videos which align with the themes of this year's virtual conference event.