[Q&A with Scott Chamberlain] The Onboarding Process
Scott Chamberlain, Senior Sales Training Manager at 8X8 supplies the strategies that could help speed up and effectively train new sales hires while also speaking about;Tracking key performance indicators, What to use for effectively tracking performance metrics, Predictive analytic models, Variables that influence optimum performance And more!
Tags: Metrics | Enterprise Sales
Learning and Analytics: Why learning with analytics bridges the gaps in your workforce's capabilities, improves performance and delivers a quantifiable ROI.
There are always gaps between your strategic goals and your workforce’s capabilities. Training will get you part of the way there, but in isolation not far enough to bridge the critical capability gaps. But all too often, training is managed without the tools to deliver the right training or even measure the real impact of training on Learn more
Tags: learning | analytics | strategic goals
Information And Actions
With HR technology, integrated cross-functional data can provide context for actions in the system and allow recommendations and "advice" to be focused and targeted. Think about Amazon.com or other consumer websites that offer suggestions of products based on the item you are searching and information they already have about you. In the Learn more
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